Thin Skin is Ready to Launch!

Thank you so much for checking out the Thin Skin website and all of our fancy new media. We’re thrilled to be launching our end of summer campaign where we’re trying to raise $150,000 by August 31. The good news is - we’ve raised over $50,000 from other donors just like you who were willing to give $20-$10,000 just to help see this film get made. 

THANK YOU to the donors who have helped us get this far! In the coming weeks, you’re going to see a little shout-out on our social media with your name in lights. We SO appreciate everything you’ve done to get the movie going. If you were an early donor, you'll receive all of the mentioned donor benefits on this site.

What will it mean if we hit $150,000? It means we'll have enough money in the bank to shoot out the film this fall. We will continue fundraising after the film has been shot for things like post production and festival marketing, but the heavy lifting of production can be accomplished if we meet our goal. 

Why this fall? Because every member of the team has a break in their busy lives and is able to come together in order to make this film happen. Fall is the time in Seattle where the light is rich, beautiful and moody. That’s the look we’re aiming for with the film...and also, we've been trying to shoot this film for nearly 3 years. It's time to get it done! 

Check out the many donor benefits you’ll receive when you come on board. We want you to be part of this fiercely independent team. Come join us and we’ll keep you posted on all aspects of making this film. If you’re not able to make a financial contribution - no worries. Please just keep checking back and cheering us on. It means so much to know there are people standing behind us as we take this somewhat scary/exciting plunge. 

Again, thank you for joining us. Feel free to sign up for our e-newsletter. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date on all things Thin Skin. Thank you for your interest in the film!


Team Thin Skin


jennessa West